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Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and Swedish Massages

In addition to bliss, massages offer so many wonderful benefits, from energizing our minds to reducing stress. If you have never experienced a professional massage, you may want to consider one of these three for your first massage. And you cannot go wrong with any one of them.

Aromatherapy Massage. If you have an affinity for scent, you’ll love aromatherapy massage. This is a Swedish massage with essential oils added into the mix. Whether you’re seeking energy, relaxation, or to reduce stress, there are essential oils that focus on each of these. Ask your massage therapist about oils and their specific benefits.

Hot Stone Massage. Many people who want to balance their energy centers choose a hot stone massage. This oh-so-comforting massage is structured with the use of smooth, heated stones which are placed on certain points on the body. The hot stones help loosen tight muscles, and your massage therapist may use the stones to apply pressure when giving the massage.

Swedish Massage. Widely regarded for its ability to turn anyone into a human noodle, the Swedish massage is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a good first-time massage. This relaxation massage focuses on superficial layers of muscles and consists of long strokes, circular strokes, and kneading.